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Come Play Scrambles Golf With Us


We have a new, fun format. Scramble teams are either Geezers foursomes or Slammers twosomes.
Geezers and Geezeles with higher handicaps play as foursomes from the forward tees.

Gentlemen and ladies, with lower handicaps, who we call Slammers, play as twosomes from the white tees.


Meet for a social hour after the scramble.

Geezers Scrambles Events are about making golf fun for seniors


Foursomes and twosomes may enter as teams, but the scrambles are designed as meet and greet events for all senior golfer to meet new playing companions and play some really fine courses.


All play follows Geezers Golf Rules

 Scramble Units are either a “Geezers’ Foursomes”,  “Slammers’ Twosome”, or a “Mixed Foursome with no more than one Slammer in the foursome.

Geezers’ Foursomes, the higher handicap Seniors  (20 or higher) play as a four player unit and start each holes play from the forward tees.

Slammers’ Twosomes, (the lower handicap Seniors – scratch to 19 hcp) play as a two player unit and start each hole from the white tees.

In the Mixed Foursome, the Slammer will play from the white tees and the Geezers from the forward tees.

Each player hits a tee shot on each hole, but everyone plays from the spot of the best shot.   At least twice during the round, each player’s tee shot location will be selected as the spot to be played by the others.   Mark the spot of the best tee shot with a golf tee or ball marker.  The other players pick up their balls and hit the next shot from within one club length of the marked spot, but on the same surface and no closer to the hole.  For each hole, after the tee shot, continue selecting the best shot until one player hits the ball in the hole . League scrambles may have shotgun starts. If so, depending on the assignment by the Host Course, the opening hole for each foursome or twosome could be any hole on the course.

There will be two weekly Geezers’ Scramble Events, playing at the Geezers’ Discounted Courses.

Each Event will have prizes for the winning foursome or twosome.

In addition an ongoing Seniors Cup challenge will be the Geezers equivalent of the FedEx Cup with scoring as follows:  Placements 1-5 will have the players in that foursome or twosome awarded points (500 for 1st, 400 for 2nd, 300 for 3rd,  200 for 4th and 100 for 5th).  At the end of the season the player with the most points will win the Founders Cup.  Player’s points will be posted weekly.


Clubs may enter up to two teams per event and compete for the NORTH COUNTY CLUB TROPHY.

Upcoming Geezers Events

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