For Seniors
Of All Skill Levels

Geezers Golf

Geezers Golf is all about making golf fun again for senior men and women golfers. We are partnering with many fine courses to offer discounted green fees at senior convenient tee times; while recommending playing from the forward tees to make pars and birdies easier and enjoy Geezers Golf Rules for faster play and a lot more fun.

We have incorporated the ability to connect with other senior golfers, play in special events and Geezers Fun Leagues.

All for only $95 per year.
The discounted green fees should easily cover the membership fee.

Membership Includes:

San Diego Partner Golf Courses

Our course partners offer discounted rates to Geezer Members, tee boxes suited their skills, golf cart access to the full course, and more!

St. Mark Golf Club
Arrowood Golf Course
Woods Valley Golf Club
Golf Club of California
The Vineyard At Escondido
St. Mark Executive Course
Mt. Woodson Golf Club
Shorecliffs Golf Club
San Clemente Golf Club

Boulder Oaks Golf Club
Cross Creek Golf Club
Emerald Isle Golf Course
Eagle Crest Golf Club
Reidy Creek Golf Course
Welk Resorts Fountains Course
The Golf Club at Rancho Calif.
Cottonwood Golf Club
Redhawk Golf Course

The Rules of Geezers Golf

While being true to the long tradition of the game, Geezers Golf has modified its Rules of Golf to simplify playing, reduce playing time and the stress often experienced under the USGA’s more inflexible rules.

The faster playing time pays respect to other player groups on the course.