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  • Precision Pitching
    by Andrew Rice on May 10, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    We would all like to get the ball up and down from inside 100 yards, but the reality is that for the majority of us we are more likely to take four to get down than we are to take two. Most of the top players and coaches I’ve discussed pitching with over the years have shared that they utilize some form of a template to encourage feel and familiarity with all the different shots we encounter from inside 100 yards. Here are a few ideas that I’ve found to work best for the everyday golfer. Watch….I have three primary wedges that I might use for playing pitch type shots. There’s a strong chance that you have a slightly different wedge make up to the one I have. The idea here is to limit the two most lofted clubs to a comfortable distance less than a full swing. Here are my thoughts with each of my clubs:58ºA full swing will carry 85 yards with this club but I never will attempt to hit it that farI will use this club outside of the chipping zone all the way up to 60 yards and no furtherA sensible “core distance” to practice with this club is 50 yardsBall position is always centered with a narrow stance and the weight favoring the front foot 60/4054ºA full swing will carry 100 yards with this club but I will not try to hit it that farThis club covers the 60-90 yard range which means a sensible “core distance” will be 75 yardsI will also focus on the feel required to hit this club both 60 and 90 yardsSet up and approach is the same with all pitch type shots50ºThis club covers the 90-110 yard rangeA sensible “core distance” to practice with this club is 100 yardsAn important feel with this club is to practice what 90 yard shots feel likeKeep in mind that a full swing for this club is 110 yards and I will use this club for that distance by reverting from a pitching set up to my full swing set upThis will take a little thought and some planning, but doesn’t anything that’s worthwhile doing? Create your zones, commit to the plan, anticipate some early stage discomfort as you acquire the necessary skills and build appropriate practice habits over time.Give it a try and I know you’ll reach out fairly soon to say how much better you’re able to control your golf ball from inside 100 yards. All the best.Thanks for reading!

  • Two Minutes to Better Golf
    by Andrew Rice on March 29, 2021 at 7:32 pm

    You have got to try this simple, yet highly effective, exercise! Whilst it’s not as easy as it might appear it can be done fairly quickly and at home. This valuable little nugget was shared by my friend and Golf Fanatics expert contributor, Mike Carroll. It will help with mobility, strength and mechanics. Watch….MobilityAs you work through each swing strive to go back a touch further than you did on the previous swing. I’ve done this for a week now and can feel the difference already.StrengthAs much as we might not be willing to admit it, strength makes a substantial difference in the distance that we hit the golf ball. If you start doing this with a light weight try to move up in weight as the weeks progress. I’m currently using an 8 pound medicine ball.MechanicsThis is something that Mike pointed out to me. When you have to recruit every resource available to you to move this weighted object back as far as possible it’s interesting how well you move. The lead heel elevates, the hips help out, the chest turns a ton and the shoulders and arms do a nice job too. Not much I would change really!I know you’d like to get better. So would I. The fact is that the only way it can possibly happen is if we start to make improvements…and they don’t come easily. Start today and don’t give in! It ultimately is always up to you. Get out of your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed.

  • Make a BIGGER Backswing!
    by Andrew Rice on March 2, 2021 at 4:59 pm

    I struggle with this one too! Making a bigger backswing. So many ‘seasoned’ golfers that I have the privilege of working with struggle to make a big enough backswing and it really hinders their ability to hit the ball both far enough and well enough. Watch…A few keys to help you to start getting more out of your body and your backswing:Work towards turning your hips as far back as you canFree up your feet by allowing the lead heel to lift off the groundAllow the trail leg to straighten significantlyAny amount of improvement in flexibility will help in this department Now, not many of us will be able to get to where Bubba is in the above image, but let it serve as inspiration for all of us. That bigger turn, when done properly, will allow for an increase in clubhead speed and more time to organize the club face as it approach impact.Take your time, but start the journey today. Allocate one month to this endeavor by committing to make 20 BIG practice swings each day. I think you’ll be amazed!

  • Get the Face in Place!
    by Andrew Rice on January 29, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    The ability to control both the face angle and loft at impact is paramount to playing better golf! This element in the golf swing really plays a major role in my teaching philosophy. Here’s a simple, yet illustrative, video that shows what can go wrong and how it needs to work…So much of what we do in our golf swings is dictated by the face angle in the early part of the downswing. An open face means a stalled pivot and handle to go along with too much loft and an inconsistent strike. On the other hand an overly closed face will encourage too much lateral drive in the downswing and cause the hands to ultimately be too far forward and de-loft the face too much. This image illustrates the two extremes… If you can make, even subtle, upgrades during this all important part of the golf swing you’re going to see a marked improvement in both your ball-striking and flight. Give it a go!

  • Improve One Thing
    by Andrew Rice on January 11, 2021 at 3:17 pm

    My experience as a coach has been that when a golfer sets out to improve one part of their game and they fully commit to making the upgrade over time, they almost always reach their objective. Watch…This is the perfect opportunity to sit down and evaluate what went well for you as a golfer in 2020 and where you’d like to make gains. Write it down, come up with a plan and then commit fully to the process.My goal this year is to increase my ability to move as an athlete. That incorporates flexibility, strength and agility. My goal is to be able to get to 170mph ball speed while playing a round of golf and I’m currently at 166.8mph when on the range. There’s a long road to go yet, but I have a plan that involves both the physical elements and the practical side.What are you going to achieve on the golf course in 2021?Let’s do it together!

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