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Keeping Golf Fun for Seniors

Golf, perhaps the most frustrating of sports, has been abandoned by many seniors because of declining skills, but the game can still be great fun if played in the right venues with friends. While the overall score may be important for maintaining a handicap, the real fun playing golf comes from match play venues that create the playground for players and teams to compete with each other. Golfers have created games within games, ultimately making medal play scoring less important than FUN match play golf games.


Using the match play format, players bet on who will win each hole. The low score of the player. or team, on the hole wins a “skin”. Over 18 holes, 18 skins will be won. If a hole is tied, with one or more players having the lowest score, there is no skin on that hole, but that skin is “carried over” to the next hole, and that holes skin value is double that of the previous hole.

All players are eligible to win carry-overs, not just those tying for the low score on the prior hole or holes. Often skins are carried for several holes, creating the value of winning some holes many times the value of a single skin.


Each player hits a tee shot on each hole, but everyone plays from the spot of the best shot. At least twice during the round, each player’s tee shot location will be selected as the spot to be played by the others. Mark the spot of the best tee shot with a golf tee or ball marker. The other players pick up their balls and hit the next shot from within one club length of the marked spot, but on the same surface and no closer to the hole. For each hole, after the tee shot, continue selecting the best shot until one player hits the ball in the hole.


In this format, after the best drive is selected, each player plays their own ball until they hole out. Each player hits a tee shot on each hole. The best tee shot is selected and marked with a tee or ball marker. Everyone plays their own ball from within one club length of that spot, but on the same surface and no closer to the hole until they hole out. If the tee shot lands on the green, the same rules apply except they hit their next shot (or putt) from within one clubhead length no closer to the hole. The team then selects the best score of their team and that score is recorded as the team score.

Best Balls

Using the match play format, two or more players form teams to compete against other teams, with each team member hitting their own balls, until all hole out. The Team’s score for that hole is that of the lowest score of any team member.


In match play, each hole is an independent contest, with one player or team winning, losing or tying each hole, and the individual or team winning the most holes is the winner. A Nassau normally play like “What about playing a $5 Nassau?” which translates into, we will bet $5 on the front nine, $5 on the back nine and $5 on the eighteen. While some wealthy professionals may play for a $1000 Nassau or even a $10,000 Nassau, most of my wealthy friends play a $1 Nassau enjoying the bragging rights of winning three dollars.

Dime Time

There are games within games. Golfers often wager on who has the longest drive, first on the green, and closest to the hole.. My wealthy friends call it Dime Time. Who has the longest drive on the fairway etc. is owed a dime by the other players, with the winners and losers settling up over drinks on the 19th hole.

The Geezers Fun Golf Games can make golf fun for players at every level, but are especially appreciated by those who no longer can report a wonderful overall medal score.

Geezers Rules

  1. Except as amended below, USGA rules shall apply.
  2. Ready Golf. While maintaining concern for other players’ safety, the group shall play Ready Golf. Forget honors. The first to the tee hits first. With a clear shot, when a player reaches his/her ball, and is ready, hit the ball. When on the green, forget about who is away, putt, and continue to putt until the ball is in the hole, a “gimme,” or is picked up due to the Triple Bogie Rule, as defined below.
  3. Triple Bogie Rule. No Geezer shall be assessed more than a triple bogie on any hole, and Geezer shall not continue to play a ball on that hole after striking their double bogie shot. Example: On a par four hole, Geezer strikes his sixth shot, whether on the green, on the fairway, or whether it goes in the hole, that is the Geezer’s last shot on that hole. If it is in the hole he takes a six. Otherwise it is scored a 7, wherever the ball might have been. The player picks up his ball and goes to the next tee and, if the next fairway or green is unoccupied, tees off.
  4. Lost Ball Fairway Area – No Penalty – Free Drop. 2 Minute Search Rule IF the ball is suspected to be somewhere in, or near the fairway, in a place where, if found, it could be hit, after searching for a maximum of two minutes, Geezer is to drop another ball where he/she thinks the lost ball should be, and continue play. No penalty. Other players may give very cursory help, but should quickly continue to their own ball and continue play. Players should carry a spare ball in their pocket for lost ball substitute.
  5. Other Non-Penalties. Geezers may lag putt with flagstick in place and other players’ balls located beyond the hole, as no penalty shall incur should either be hit by Geezer’s ball.
  6. Lost Ball – Off Fairway. After searching for a maximum of 2 minutes, ball shall be considered lost and another ball dropped at the nearest place on fairway to where ball was lost, no closer to the hole. One stroke Penalty.
  7. Winter Rules to apply on the fairways, year around. Ball may be moved 6”, but no closer to the hole.
  8. Conceded Putts. Balls located 18” or less from the hole are conceded.

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